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Dental Examination

The Dental examination is performed by a Dentist. A dental probe, good lighting, mirror, magnification and compressed air to dry the tooth surfaces are used. Dental Xrays are used to aid in the diagnosis of Dental disease before it becomes harmful to your health.

We recommend regular examinations to detect problems when they are small and before they become expensive to repair or in some cases being unsalvageable.

Your examination would include:

  • Visual examination looking for evidence of decay or damage affecting teeth and/or the roots of the teeth
  • Oral cancer screen
  • Evaluation of the state of your gums and probing to detect evidence of gum disease affecting the bone which supports your tooth.
  • Examination with digital xrays to detect disease not seen by the naked eye. Xrays are not taken at every examination only when deemed necessary by the examining Dentist.
  • Assessment of the status of your existing fillings, i.e looking for fractured or loose fillings or fillings with decay around the margins.