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Glass Ionomer Fillings

The Problem:
Decay on a non load bearing part of the tooth, i.e. the cheek or tongue side of the tooth. Especially good for root surface decay

The Solution:
A Glass Ionomer is tooth coloured filling material that bonds to enamel and dentine. After the decay is removed and the tooth cleaned this material is injected into the cavity and allowed to set.   Once set the material can be finished.

Glass Ionomer is a great filling material in a non load bearing area because:

  • It releases a small amount of fluoride over time preventing decay under and around the filling.
  • It chemically bonds with tooth tissue
  • It is tooth coloured
  • It can be used in conjunction with composite to form a strong tooth coloured filling


  • It is weak if put under load.
  • It doesn’t polish as well as composite.
  • It wears more than composite.

Composite can be used often as alternative, but it does not seal as well as glass ionomer, especially around the necks of the teeth amalgam can be used where cosmetics are not an issue.